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Version de l'Alpha

Date prévue pour l’accès aux prochaines release :

RELEASE 10, du 25 au 28 septembre

  • Amélioration du jeu: Une fois par trimestre l'équipe se concentrera sur une version d'amélioration du fonctionnement du jeu. Performances, bugs, etc...

Alpha 9

22 Août 2014

-Pré-alpha release 9 : Build PC v141, v53 OSX, Linux v60:

  • Some improvements in networked player movement.

-Pré-alpha release 9 : Build PC v140, v52 OSX, Linux v59:

  • Fixed bug where some 2 handed weapons were marked 1 handed for female avatars
  • Fixed some sorting and occlusion errors in Ardoris (were causing things turning invisible oddly)
  • Fixed bug where merchants were not replenishing inventory
  • Lowered numbers of bird flocks on maps (sorry for those of you who liked the Hitchcock like atmosphere)
  • Some visual targeting tweaks

21 Août 2014

-Pré-alpha release 9 : Build PC v137, v50 OSX, Linux v57:

  • Fixed Row Lot in Ardoris that was incorrectly set as Village Lot size
  • Fixed bug in PVP team scoring
  • Fixed issues with crafting in bag mode
  • Changed default to List Inventory Mode (previously was random 50/50 split bag/list for new characters)
  • Fix crash with turning in Red Sashes
  • Fixed various typos and misspellings in conversation text
  • Changed PVP Team entrance from hatch to blue teleporter effect to make it easier to see the entrance
  • Enmar only gives 10 gold per red sash to prevent buy/sell loop from Laurent (since his markup isn’t working)
  • Content of “Tales from the Vale I” in game book removed
  • Fixed Clink guards walking through doors.
  • Fixed Barrel Mimic not being able to navigate, fight, etc.
  • NPCs will no longer bark “Excuse me” when in combat
  • Focus regeneration rates in combat fixed
  • Scoreboard automatically opens when joining Team PVP Arena
  • Empty unclaimed lots will now revert to default house placed
  • Row lots will no longer have “Empty Lot” as an option
  • Fixed bug that would allow two lots to be owned by a single player (one of which was in a bad state)
  • Various performance optimizations for Ardoris
  • Fixed but with some NPCs whose skin tone was not consistent between head and hands

20 Août 2014

-Pré-alpha release 9 : Build PC v135, v47 OSX, Linux v55:

Alpha 8

Alpha 7

28 Juin 2014

-Pré-alpha release 7 : Build PC v112, v35 OSX, Linux v39:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a player to zone to their own private instance instead joining an existing one.

27 Juin 2014

-Pré-alpha release 7 : Build PC v111, v34 OSX, Linux v38:

  • Removed loading timeouts that many players were encountering. This may improve login issues.
  • Fixed a few exceptions that were occurring often.
  • (Known Issue) 64 Bit Build may crash often. We recommend sticking with the default (32) bit option in the Launcher.

-Pré-alpha release 7 : Build PC v109, v32 OSX, Linux v36:

  • Removed shininess of players hands
  • Fixed bug preventing access to the player town of Westhollow (so more lots available!)
  • Extended water plane even further on player islands
  • Ran PVS on sewers in Owlshead and Kingsport Sewers to improve performance
  • Moo the Cow now reacts correctly
  • (Known Issue) There was a problem with our scene update process, and the lots in Port Mirren were replaced with new ones. Unfortunately this means those lots are not accessible anymore. If you had a lot, and are able to claim a new one or change your house on a lot, you should be able to get any decorations back with the /bank command.

26 Juin 2014

-Pré-alpha release 7 : Build PC v108, v31 OSX, Linux v35:

  • Created more ways to identify yourself to NPCs
  • Skeletal archers in Ravensmoor entrance map now correctly named and wheeze archery-related things.
  • Removing obsoleted flag reference from Anton barks.
  • Added player islands off the coast of Kingsport on Overworld map
  • Fixed PVS issues in The Clink and Owl’s Nest
  • Desk Sergeant Burnside in the Clink can now open his door
  • Braemar Guard Halmar’s barks no longer contain $name$
  • Extended water plane of player islands further out
  • Lead Smuggler Anton’s barks no longer contain $name$
  • Fixed incorrect response when identifying yourself to NPCs [
  • Fixed short hair style missing for female avatars
  • Improved map load times

-Pré-alpha release 7 : Build PC v107, v30 OSX, Linux v34:

  • Added roads to Overworld
  • Fixed bug where Avatar greets rather than auto-attacks Ravensmoor skeletons
  • Added wall deco layers to Baron benefactor house
  • Bugs with generic->specific NPC names in Kingsport so NPC names will now convert properly after you learn their name
  • Fixed missing combat sfx
  • Cow and horse shouldn’t be kill-able if weapon sheathed.
  • More neck seam fixes
  • Fixed disappearing feet when equipping Epic armor
  • Fixed issue where during swimming with torch the VFX would appear
  • Fix for /home not working in scenes without plots
  • Fix for highlight targeting effect not working sometimes
  • Fix poor performance in bag mode
  • Fixed floating players on dock platforms
  • FIxed missing links to new armor assets
  • Fixed transparent leg on Epic Armor
  • Fixed shader on name plates in overworld so they sort properly with the water and trees.
  • Hands and feet matching textures to rest of skin on new female.
  • Improved frame rate on overworld.
  • Lord of the Manor Home doors can now be opened from the inside
  • Medieval Woodcut-like illustrations for Crafting Book now visible
  • New characters start at proper location instead of Lunar Rift
  • Re-positioned some overworld landmarks (towns, dungeons, etc.) to be more clear on their hex
  • Returning from the player village islands now returns you to the docks in Kingsport.
  • The town criers in Brave Coast and Estercove now have different models from Mirren
  • Fix for missing texture on 2 story balcony player house
  • Fixes for built in lighting in the baron benefactor lighting
  • Fixes for decorative layers on Duke Founder Castle
  • Ravensmoor – Adding new functionality to crypt doors to spawn enemies on door break
  • Fixed issue where performing toast emote would make everyone drunk, not just the toaster (should have left this as is for hilarity!)
  • Added fire into Viking house firepit
  • Fixed broken face on female in red dress NPC

25 Juin 2014

-Pré-alpha release 7 : Build PC v106, v29 OSX, Linux v33:

  • /home: fixed so it does not reload the scene if lot is in the same scene
  • Fixed bug with exterior decorations on player houses so it now works
  • Add exterior decoration Banner to decoration vendors in Owl’s Head
  • Added deco layer to top floor Baron Founder City Home so decorations can now be placed there
  • Named and added all three Player Town Islands: Port Mirren, Estercove and The Brave Coast.
  • Bug and game guide links updated to point to R7 info
  • Desk Sergeant Burnside in the Clink can now open his door
  • Combat skill animation polish
  • Added town criers to Player Town Islands
  • Fixed deco layers on Duke Founder Castles
  • Fixed Resurrection Spell
  • Fixed double double doors on Baron Benefactor House (removed the extra set of doors
  • Fixed bug where Epic Merchant Shirt, Pants, Outfit deleted female avatar body when trying to equip
  • Fixed neck gaps on female character
  • Fixed issues with decoration placement on Castle Lots
  • Fixed exceptions in PartyManager that would break parties
  • Fixed bug with female in character creation
  • Fix for InitializePlots, remove non-error highlighting debug message
  • Fix for player not being able to sit in chairs.
  • Fix to show correct resource cursor types when hovering over resources
  • Fix for static in hair shadows.
  • Fixed grass not getting removed in lots in Kingsport
  • Fixing blending issues so that hair draws correctly with water.
  • Fixed missing texture on Founder’s Leather Chest Armor
  • Switched Lunar Rifts to function on click vs. entry
  • Kingsport ferries send you to the right zone. We had to sink one ferry. Many Bothans died.
  • Materials fix for rowhouses (were showing up untextured and pink)
  • Multiple overworld hex changes to make it match the terrain (border fixes, etc). Ravensmoor accessible FOR REALS
  • OwlsNest – Fixing broken exit ladder.
  • Decoration layer fix for Tavern Player Home
  • Sewer 2 – The water drain values were slightly off, fixed them up a little.
  • Sewer 2 – This should *hopefully* fix the quitting/returning problem with water levels.
  • Fix for doubly triggered animations (would show on sheath/unsheathe while using a skill)
  • Updating female with new male anims for 2h bludgeon

Alpha 6

23 Mai 2014

-Pré-alpha release 6 : Build PC v102, v25 OSX, Linux v29:

  • Added chat message for when you zone to another player
  • Ajout d'une réponse de chat, si vous essayez de parler à votre groupe mais vous n'êtes pas dans un groupe
  • Fixed bug where Female heads were disconnected in character creation
  • Double-cliquer sur les PNJ hostiles maintenant démarre correctement combat avec eux.
  • Correction du livre de recette d'un problème quand on posait les ingrédients sur la table d'artisanat
  • Female eye animation no longer looks up too far during combat.
  • Correction des piles d'articles d'artisanat
  • Correction de la barre de progression
  • Correction de couleur de cheveux qui était incorrecte dans la feuille de personnage.
  • Fixed females eyes rolling in the back of her head on magic combos
  • Fixed seams on male avatar head type 1
  • Correction pour forcer le déséquipement lors de la baignade.
  • Harvesting VFX and SFX for mining and tree chopping
  • Bow VFX and SFX fixes
  • Lich VFX fix
  • Correction d'arbustes incandescent (sureau brousse)
  • Fix for glowing shrubbery (Elderberry bush)
  • Inventory and performance fixes for recipe book
  • Make effects cull distance match object’s cull distance
  • Non-combat skills (like Light) no longer put you into combat.
  • NPCs should now play animations across clients
  • Updates to outdoor fog, new shader to test out lighting improvements for smoke / fog
  • Fixed incorrect shader for facial hair.
  • House LODs / culling turned back on, should improve performance
  • Fix where NPCs would not initialize properly on map startup so they would not attack players (except first in the map)
  • Fixed error where some “For Sale” signs were tied to a single lot (creating two conflicting owners)

22 Mai 2014

-Pré-alpha release 6 : Build PC v101, v24 OSX, Linux v28:

  • Ajout d'une commande /summon pour GM/Devs
  • Problème de pathfinding fixé
  • Correctif lors des combats pour des personnages féminins tenant des boucliers.
  • Correctif pour l'animations des yeux des personnages féminins
  • Correctif des chest oddness
  • Correction pour empêcher le déclenchement des compétences en barre de raccourcis avec la touche Shift + touche affectée lors de la saisie dans le chat
  • Materials fix for glowing window frames in Rustic Village house in Braemar.
  • Correction du bouton "take all" de l'inventaire.
  • Fix for NPCs and resources not respawning where respawn function was broken if master switched.
  • Rebuilt all pathfinding and culling for underground areas
  • Looping emotes trimmed for begin and end so they better loop
  • Water updates didn’t work with shadow changes also checked in yesterday. Removed shadow casting from water planes and re-tuned water material. Also added a saturate to final alpha value in the shader to prevent crazy values.
  • How To Train Your Kobold:
    • Kobold now only barks when in combat. He has about 15 annoying barks that no one was seeing due to faction issues. Now you can see them.
    • Kobold spawns with his warhammer out because HE IS READY FOR YOU
    • Kobold was trying to leash and failing, causing him to heal very rapidly in place. Now he will chase you through the dungeon. There is no escape from Kobold.

Alpha 5

26 Avril 2014

-Pré-alpha release 5 : Build PC v94, v18 OSX, Linux v20:

  • Admin command: /nozone which can disallow user to /zone to developers/admins
  • Fixed bug where bows were not animating with ranged skills
  • Breakaway walls now display correctly to everyone on screen
  • Doors should now work properly (no seriously, we mean it this time)
  • Enable auto attack when a skill is used
  • Performance optimizations (should result in 50% improvement in fps)
  • Fixed bug in closing crafting table with the X after crafting something.
  • Fixed Chaos skill tree
  • Fixed chest respawn issues
  • Fix for waiting forever while trying to join a room
  • Fix so switches/buttons now open doors again
  • Fixed Ranged Skeleton/Elves so they shoot again
  • Fixed some non-flat terrain on plots.
  • Fixes for skill tree arrangements
  • Fixing Linux asset bundle loading
  • Creatures should be challenging again
  • Update links to help and bug report forums

25 Avril 2014

-Pré-alpha release 5 : Build PC v93, v17 OSX, Linux v19:

  • Known Issue: Skeleton Archers and Elven Archers won’t attack. Fix will go into next patch.
  • Known Issue: All doors opening simultaneously is fixed but now all doors of a type (like Knight House Door) will open simultaneously. <sigh>
  • Added a log message for catching people who can’t run linear light model to help us track down issues
  • Darkened the Alder Tree as much as possible without a shader/texture change.
  • Do not remove owner property from room properties
  • Fix for doors all opening simultaneously but see above issue
  • Fix double stats on enemy NPCs (we were calculating their stats twice making them harder to hit and also hitting harder)
  • Fix for combat persisting after enemy is dead
  • Fix for not being able to deselect target
  • Fix for hair name and graphics becoming de-synched during character creation
  • Fix in asset bundles to use caching, trying to help with a Linux issue
  • Fixed the epic female cloth skirt issue
  • Fixes to bark animations.
  • Horse is now a friendly
  • Spears should be 1 handed with thrust animation
  • Turn off dynamic avoidance on NPCs if leashing

24 Avril 2014

-Pré-alpha release 5 : Build PC v91, v16 OSX, Linux v18:

  • Known Issue: All doors in a scene that have been opened, will be opened again when any door in the scene is opened (or closed.)
  • Adding 60 to 120 second delay to all NPC barks to combat reported bark spam
  • Various lighting adjustments (night darker, lighter in field of view underground, etc.)
  • Changing UI link to game guide to R5 version
  • Don’t allow spell cast on non-combatants
  • Epic cloth now has a neck
  • ESC deselects player target
  • Fix for some interactive objects
  • Fix friendly targeting
  • Fix resurrect targeting
  • Fix secondary effects not firing (knockback, damage over time, etc.)
  • Fixed looping VFX
  • Fixing 1 handed spear thrust on avatar female
  • VFX for FlameFist, IceFist, StoneFist
  • Fireball damage reduced slightly
  • Refactor AOE targeting
  • Lighting adjustments in sewers (darker in spots, mist is not self lit as much, etc.)
  • Fix for a specific Owlshead lot that had a house stuck to it
  • Fix to keep NPCs from stepping too close during combat
  • Two-Handed sword attack animation is fixed

Alpha 4

28 Mars 2014

-Pré-alpha release 4 : Build PC v86, v11 OSX, Linux v13:

  • Entering a hex will now put you in an instance tied to that specific hex on the map versus sorting everyone into the same scene. In other words there will now be multiple instances of the forests, not just one.
  • Entry and exit points for the clink should now work correctly
  • La Liche fait désormais des dégâts (et elle en fait beaucoup)
  • Ajouté des sons de certaines armes et des effets visuels
  • Ajout d'un peu plus de musique qui se déclenche dans divers endroits
  • Humanoïdes (satyres, squelettes, et Elfes maintenant 10% plus difficiles)
  • Correction d'un problème qui faisait tomber les joueurs dans le sol lors de la destruction des caisses et barils
  • Disabled flickering light script that was displaying incorrectly
  • Les filons de minerai et de coton sont fixés dans la forêt
  • Fix sliding for female characters
  • Correction des texte incorrectes sur des filons de minerai (“Harvest Wood” au lieu de “Harvest Ore”)")
  • Fixed ruins in forest LODs that was popping
  • Fixed issue that was trapping players in Owls Nest (aka Red Sash Bandits)
  • Modification du butin de la liche
  • Nombreuse modifications de musique
  • Memory work for Braemar and beyond
  • Trees cleared from player lots should now also clear their collisions
  • Myron properly flags when the player finishes his dialog. Myra only gives the player one key.
  • NPCs no longer announce “excuse me” bump style barks when they are colliding with other NPCs, or when they are dead.
  • Ajout d'une commande supplémentaire pour les groupe : /uninvite
  • Text directed to NPCs does not broadcast to the entire zone. And there was much rejoicing.
  • You can no longer see edge of map in the water from Baron’s Frigate / Galleon

NOTE: De nombreux joueurs qui étaient dans Owlshead ont été remis à zéro avec ce patch

27 Mars 2014

-Pré-alpha release 4 : Build PC v85, v10 OSX, Linux v12:

  • Les déplacement sur la carte du monde ont été améliorés
  • Quête Red Sash : Ajout de nouvelles ceintures rouges pour quête de Enmar, dans le stock du marchand Laurent, et le butin de Red Sash.
  • Remplacement d'anciens modèles de squelettes avec de nouveaux modèles
  • Baguette ajoutée, 10% de chance de dropper sur les mages squelette
  • Les joueurs doivent quitter les cartes par les points de sortie
  • Résolution de quelques problèmes de performance causés par des éclairages devenus fous
  • Accélération des combats en faisant des recharge pour les attaques de l'Avatar diminué de moitié (de 2,0> 1,0)
  • Correction de quelques éléments de décoration qui n'ont pas pu être déplacé une fois placés
  • Femme avatar peut maintenant tourner dans la création de personnage
  • NPC text barks should now appear again.
  • Augmentation du cool down pour l'attaque des squelettes mages
  • Réduction des point de dégât de tous les mages (ils étaient un peu trop dur)
  • Fixed sorting issues with using a wand or staff when offhand item (shield, torch, etc.) is equipped
  • No longer able to see edge of map in the water from Baron’s Frigate in Kingsport

Alpha 3

23 Février 2014

-Pré-alpha release 3 : Build 74

  • Corrections de bugs et ajout de diagnostiques supplémentaires pour aider à résoudre certains problèmes multijoueur/réseau

22 Février 2014

-Pré-alpha release 3 : Build 73

  • En multijoueur, vous devez maintenant cibler les PNJ (cliquez sur eux) pour qu'ils répondent à vos messages. Il s'agit d'éviter les PNJ répondent lorsque vous parlez à d'autres joueurs.
  • En multijoueur, les coffres devraient désormais réapparaître correctement toutes les 3 minutes.
  • Correctif du bug qui vous laissait bloquer en mode conversation.
  • Quelques corrections de bugs Divers.

21 Février 2014

-Pré-alpha release 3 : Build 71

  • Correction de problèmes de son dans les tavernes
  • Correctif pour l'impossibilité d'ouvrir certaines portes
  • Réduction global du volume des musiques
  • Mise à jour mineure de la carte
  • Ajout de robes dans certaine coffres au trésor

20 Février 2014

-Début de la pré-alpha release 3, client en build 69

Alpha 2

25 Janvier 2014

-Pré-alpha release 2 : Build 60

  • Amélioration de la rotation de caméra via le clic droit.
  • Correction de quelque bugs.
  • Correction des icônes d'inventaire qui étaient décalés en mode fenêtre haute résolution.
  • Correction de l'effet visuel de l'inventaire plein
  • Correction de certain problèmes de chargement.

24 Janvier 2014

-Pré-alpha release 2 : Build 57

  • Ajout d'une option pour inverser la souris
  • Ajout d'une surbrillance à des objets placés sur la table d'artisanat pour les rendre plus facile a voir.
  • Ajout des textures manquantes dans le château de bord de mer à Kingsport

23 Janvier 2014

-Pré-alpha release 2 : Build 55

  • Réduction de la consommation de mémoire pour aider à réduire les plantage et rendre le jeu plus jouable sur les sytèmes d'exploitation 32 bits
  • Mise à jour de certain texte de conversation avec les PNJ
  • Les messages administrateur et les chuchotement devraient maintenant apparaître correctement dans la fenêtre de chat.

22 Janvier 2014

-Début de la pré-alpha release 2. Client en build 53

Alpha 1

13 Décembre 2013

-Pré-alpha release 1 : Build 49

  • Les armures blanches ont désormais des textures correctes.
  • Beaucoup de trou dans les planchés ont été fixés.
  • Le barman est plus intelligent. Allez lui parler.
  • Correctif pour les personnages qui ne peuvent plus se connecter. Ces personnages seront désormais remis à zéro automatiquement.
  • Le sac à dos doit mieux s'auto-organiser lorsque vous faites un glisser-déposer sur votre personnage.

12 Décembre 2013

-Début de la pré-alpha release 1. Client en build 46